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Yi-Yao Internation Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

Yi-Yao Internation Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., is a production base in Taiwan, marketing across the country and in Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China. Has been founded in the United States UL, CSA, Canada and Europe, Japan-based safety norms. 30 years of manufacturing experience in the wire, the cumulative excellence in product quality and production efficiency. In addition to the safety wire, but the expansion of production of very fine wire, CCTV video audio and video cables, medical grade wire. And the introduction of DuPont and other famous raw materials, production of multi-type elastic wire. 2005 more investment in fishery products, the cross-cutting, providing the most rugged anglers fishing wire and battery power cord. 

Over the years the Division I uphold professionalism, integrity, effectiveness, continuous research and innovation, philosophy, sustainable business. Customer needs and provide perfect service, always with the customer first, quality first, price is reasonable, as the goal, think globally.

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